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Solusi University, located 50 kilometres west of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is a co-educational Seventh-day Adventist institution founded in 1894. Solusi University has a long history along with the territory where it shared in the suffering brought to the region by war and a resulting famine. Today the University trains hundred of individuals in a variety of areas.


The University is located in the Matabeleland South region of Zimbabwe on 8,800 acres 32 miles west of Bulawayo, at an elevation of some 4,350 feet above sea level.

List of Undergraduate Programs Offered :

Accounting (BBA)
Finance (BBA) (NOT AAA)
Management (BBA) (NOT AAA)
Marketing (BBA) (NOT AAA)
English (BA)
Languages and linguistics (BA hons.) (NOT AAA)
Languages and literature (BA hons.) (NOT AAA)
History (BA)
Peace and conflict studies (BA) (NOT AAA)
Agriculture (BS) (NOT AAA)
Environmental health (BS) (NOT AAA)
Environmental science (BS)
Clothing and textile (BS) (NOT AAA)
Food Science and nutrition (BS) (NOT AAA)
Mathematics (BS)
Mathematics honors (BS) (NOT AAA)
Agribusiness (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
Business (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
Environmental science (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
English (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
Ndebele (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
Shona (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
History (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
Religious studies (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
Mathematics (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
Food and nutrition (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
Clothing and textiles (B.Ed.) (NOT AAA)
Theology (BA)
Religious studies (BA)

List of Graduate Programs Offered:

General (MBA)
Clothing and textiles (MS) (NOT AAA)
Food and Nutrition (MS) (NOT AAA)
Educational management (MAED)
English language and literature (MAED)
Religion (MA)
Pastoral Theology (MA)

General Information

, Bulawayo, , Zimbabwe.  | 


263 - 9-885447


263 (9) 885-982


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byaaron charles, February 3, 2013
To my opinion this institution is poorly managed.

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Educational Offer

The University offers a selection of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Business Administration programs. The university also offers Master of Arts degrees in Pastoral Ministry. In 1994, Solusi introduced new degree programs in computer science and a Master of Science in Home Economics (Family and Consumer Sciences).

Historical Background

It started in 1894. By 1929, a government-approved teacher training program began its operation. Soon Solusi College became internationally known as an academically respectable Adventist institution of higher learning. After a two-year closure, owing to war, the college reopened in 1980. Four years later, the college obtained an affiliation with Andrews University. In 1994, the Government of Zimbabwe issued the Solusi University Charter, authorizing the institution to operate as a private university. Solusi University is operated by the Zimbabwe Union of Seventh-day Adventists. It is located on 8816 acres of farmland, some 50 kilometers west of Bulawayo.

Academic Offerings

Levels of education:

  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master Programs

Undergraduate Areas of Study:

  • Business
  • Cultural Studies & Languages
  • Education
  • Health & Medical Services
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Technology & Computer Sciences
  • Theology and Religion
Accreditation by:AAA


The Solusi University is an independent, non-profit, co-educational institution sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church based on the standards set by the Adventist Accreditation Association (AAA). Where does this information come from?

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