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Northern Caribbean University is a private, four-year co-educational liberal arts institution owned and operated by the West Indies Union of Seventh-day Adventists. The University is located on a 171 acre property. A quality institution with an average yearly enrollment of over five thousand students, from approximately 24 countries and is one of the largest Seventh-day Adventist tertiary institutions in the world. The University offers several postgraduate, graduate, undergraduate, associate, diploma and certificate programs.


Northern Caribbean University (NCU) is located approximately three miles south of the city of Mandeville, in Manchester, Jamaica. The climate is almost Mediterranean in its consistent coolness. The University is readily accessible to major modes of transportation and may be reached in an hour and a half from Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.

Financial Information
Average Undergrad Tuition: 9408
Average Housing Cost:
Average modest on-campus rental
Average living expenses:
Meals, Utilities, etc..
Estimate of other Expenses :
Books, Transportation, Communication, Entertainment, etc..
Expenditures to remember:
Application Fee, Health Insurance, Accident Insurance, Pre-College Courses, Jam Copy, etc..

NOTE: The figures here quoted are in United States Dollars (USD). These prices are rough estimates for one year and are only for reference purposes. Prices may change without previous notice. For all financial information contact the institution directly.

List of certificate courses at at NCU :

Bible Worker (Certificate)
Business Management (Certificate)
Christian Salesmanship (Certificate)
Church Leadership (Certificate)
Clerical (Certificate)
Competency Certificates in Word Processing & Computer Appl. (Certificate)
Crime and Securi ...

List of Undergraduate Programs Offered at NCU :

English (AA )
Mass Communication (AA )
Music (AA )
Religion (AA )
Spanish (AA )
Personal Evangelism (AA )
Visual Art (AA )
Biology (ASc.)
Business Administration (ASc.)
Business Administration (ASc.)
Chemistry (ASc.)
Clothing and Textiles (ASc.)
Computer Systems Engineering (ASc.)
Dental Hygiene (ASc.)
Dietetics (ASc.)
Electrical Engineering (ASc.)
Engineering (ASc.)
Family Life Education (ASc.)
Geography (ASc.)
Hospitality Management (ASc.)
Information Science (ASc.)
Mathematics (ASc.)
Mechanical Engineering (ASc.)
Office Systems and Administration (ASc.)
Office Technology & Administration (ASc.)
School Counselling (ASc.)
Social Work (ASc.)
Behavioral Science (Family Life Education) (BA)
Early Childhood Teacher Education (BA)
English (Literature Emphasis) (BA)
English (Writing Emphasis) (BA)
English Education (BA)
General Studies (BA)
Geography Education (BA)
History (BA)
Mass Communication (Advertising Emphasis) (BA)
Mass Communication (Public Relations Emphasis) (BA)
Mass Communication (Radio Emphasis) (BA)
Mass Communication (Television Emphasis) (BA)
Mass Communications (General) (BA)
Music - General (BA)
Music Education (BA)
Pastoral Emphasis (BA)
Piano Performance (BA)
Primary Education (BA)
Primary Teacher Education (BA)
Religion (BA)
Religion (Pastoral Ministry) (BA)
Secondary Education (BA)
Secondary Teacher Education (BA)
Spanish Education (BA)
Spanish Studies (BA)
Applied Environmental Geography (BSc.)
Biochemistry (BSc.)
Biology (BSc.)
Biology Education (BSc.)
Business Administration (BSc.)
Business Administration (Accounting Emphasis) (BSc.)
Business Administration (Finance Emphasis) (BSc.)
Chemistry (BSc.)
Computer Science (Communications Emphasis) (BSc.)
Computer Science (Programming Emphasis) (BSc.)
Computer Science (Programming Emphasis) (BSc.)
Counselling (Industrial Counselling Emphasis) (BSc.)
Counselling (School Counselling Emphasis) (BSc.)
Counselling (Social Work Emphasis) (BSc.)
Criminal Justice (BSc.)
Dental Hygiene (BSc.)
Dietetics (BSc.)
Environmental Science (BSc.)
Early Childhood Education (BSc.)
Guidance Counselling (BSc.)
Hospitality & Tourism (Travel and Tourism Mgmt Emphasis) (BSc.)
Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt (F&B Oper. Mgmt Emphasis) (BSc.)
Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt (Resort and Spa Mgmt Emphasis) (BSc.)
Hospitality Management(Golf Facilities Mngt. Emphasis) (BSc.)
Industrial & Organizational Counselling (BSc.)
Information Science (BSc.)
Information Science (Business Emphasis) (BSc.)
Management Studies (Business & Commerce Emphasis) Management Studies (Business Education Emphasis) Management Studies (Entrepreneurship Major) Management Studies (Human Resource Mgt. Emphasis) (BSc.)
Management Studies (Marketing Emphasis) (BSc.)
Management Studies (Tourism & Hospitality Emphasis) (BSc.)
Mathematics (BSc.)
Mathematics (Actuarial Science Emphasis) (BSc.)
Mathematics (Biology Emphasis) (BSc.)
Mathematics (Chemistry Emphasis) (BSc.)
Mathematics (Information Science Emphasis) (BSc.)
Medical Technology (BSc.)
Nursing (BSc.)
Psychology (BSc.)
Secondary Teacher Education (BSc.)
Social Work (BSc.)

List of Graduate Programs Offered at NCU:

Medical Epidemiology (MPH)
Public Health Nutrition (MPH)
Research Epidemiology (MPH)
Health Education & Promotion (MPH)
Entrepreneurship Marketing (MBA)
Finance (MBA)
General Management (MBA)
Human Resource Management (MBA)
Curriculum & Instruction (MA)
Educational Administration (MA)
Instructional Systems Technology (MA)
Reading & Language Arts Instruction (MA)
Elementary (MAT)
Secondary (MAT)
Curriculum & Instruction (PHD) in Education
Educational Administration (PHD) in Education
Leadership (PHD) in Education
Educational Psychology (MSc) in Counselling Psychology
Marriage & Family Therapy (MSc) in Counselling Psychology
Educational Assessment (PhD) in Counselling Psychology
Marriage & Family Therapy (PhD) in Counselling Psychology
Technology Management (MSIS)
Information Security (MSIS)
Network Administration (MSIS)
Application Development (MSIS)
Microbiology (MSc) in Biology
Molecular Biology (MSc) in Biology
Non-Thesis Option (MSES)
Thesis Option (MSES)
(PhD) in Biology
Christian Ministry (MAPTh)
New Testament (MA) in Religion
Old Testament (MA) in Religion
Theological Studies (MA) in Religion
Evangelism & Church Growth (DMin)
Global Mission Leadership (DMin)
Leadership (DMin)
Pastoral Ministry (DMin)
Youth Ministry (DMin)

General Information

Mandeville, Kingston, , Jamaica.  | 


1 (876) 962-2204


1 (876) 962-0075


Official Website: 

Institution's Website

Foundation year: 


Language of Instruction: 


Language Training: 




Average Tuition: 

9408 USD/Year

Term System: 


Academic year starts: 


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Educational Offer

The University offers several postgraduate, graduate, undergraduate, associate, diploma and certificate programs as listed.

Admission Requirements

  • High-School Diploma

Academic Calendar

First Semester: September
Second Semester:January

Historical Background

West Indian Training School was the university’s earliest name, founded in 1919. In 1924, the school began offering post-secondary education. In 1959 it offered it first bachelor’s degree. Since 1959, several other degrees have been added. Today the Institution offers over 120 different programs at various levels.

Academic Offerings

Levels of education:

  • Certificates/Diplomas
  • Associate degree / Advanced diploma
  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master Programs
  • Graduate Diplomas
  • Phd and Doctorates

Undergraduate Areas of Study:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business
  • Communication & Media
  • Cultural Studies & Languages
  • Education
  • Health & Medical Services
  • Legal Areas & Law
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Social Sciences
  • Social Work
  • Technology & Computer Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Theology and Religion
Accreditation by:Certified by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) , AAA


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The Northern Caribbean University is an independent, non-profit, co-educational institution sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church based on the standards set by the Adventist Accreditation Association (AAA). Where does this information come from?

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